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When I schedule a lesson, it is normally understood that the "time slot" will be recurring and it will last the entire current season.  These seasons mirror the local school year and are typically as follows:

  • Summer (June through mid-August)
  • School year (mid-August through May)

Most skaters prefer to keep a similar lesson schedule with me year-round.  I do my best to accomodate these requests.  In many cases I can do this. However, during the Summer schedule, the IceForum typically does not offer as much freestyle time as it does during the School year.  This presents a huge problem for both me and some students.

At this point, I schedule my lessons starting with the Highest level skaters first (whom typically take lessons most frequently) and work my way down from there; hopefully, having time for each skater.  In some cases, I will reduce the number of lessons each skater takes in order to fit everyone on my schedule.  While I enjoy teaching ALL kinds of skaters, the recreational skater will be the first "time slot" removed from my schedule when time is limited.  Sorry!  I do this to protect and honor the committment of the competitive skater.

This system is always somewhat of a "work-in-progress".  I am always trying to make things better or more "fair" for each skater that I work with.  I thank each of you for the opportunity to teach skating to you or your child!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 May 2010 )