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How many lessons a week?
As many as your budget allows as long as your practice time is double theamount of time you are in lesson.
Double Axel Club???

The following skaters have all landed a CLEAN double axel five skating days in a row and earned a crisp $50 straight from my pocket.  Great job skaters!!!!!

  • Vicki Horwitz
  • Kristen Treutle
  • Kaysi Kitsell
  • Hailey Adcox
  • Mindy Shoppe
  • Samantha Reese
  • Louisa Barama
  • Tina Washington
  •  Who will be next?
When Should I Consider Competing at the Regional Championships?

See the Competition Info page under the Competition Tab.  It includes a detailed description of the competition process.  I do not go to the Non-Qualifying Regional competition.  However, if you are Juvenile level or above, you should consider competing Regionals.

Should I switch boot brands?

No, not unless you are experiencing discomfort or poor lifespan.  Most top brands will last a skater from 6 to 9 months when skating 5 days a week.